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Cicada – White Forest (discography)

《不在的你們都去了哪裡》是我在台中旅遊期間找到的一張唱片,樂隊Cicada以弦樂的和鳴演奏,述說台灣消逝中的自然地景。當時也正值香港不少基建的討論,在唱片店把耳機戴上,第一首樂曲Dolphins Leap,已令我感嘆莫名。其他樂曲如下,如果你也關心生態、喜歡大自然和動物,看看我們是否有著相同的感嘆/感動 ?


White Forest is dedicated to animals including whales, dolphins, coral reefs, sea turtles, as well as cats in the city and birds in the mountains. Along with "Ocean" is the series of Cicada's work themed with marine and land. “Dolphins Leap” proceeds with different speeds to imitate spinner dolphins and risso's dolphins. “Used to be Home” portrayed the impact of offshore wind energy caused on white dolphin's habitat from their point of views. “Whale Family” is about humpback whales caring and raising babies. “White Forest” starts from the dreamy coral reef spawning into their bleaching due to seawater warming. Cicada's attempts are to describe the relationship between human and its impact on ocean and animals.


Dolphins Leap 等待再一次躍出水面

Fly 飛往山的另一頭

White Forest 不在的你們都去了哪裡

Used to be Home 原本是家的地方

Swimming in the Plastic Ocean 游向那片被丟棄的海

Whale Family

The Stray Cat in Zhuwei 竹圍小貓


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