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  • 購物滿$600即享有免費送貨服務

       (只限工商地址。如送往住宅地址,閣下請自行支付上門附加費――現金$20 或 $30[如屬於「香港偏遠地區」]

        予  順豐職員 ; 「香港偏遠地區」 詳情可瀏覽:  http://www.sf-express.com/HK/ZF/download/Remote_area_TC.pdf)

  • 購物$600以下,我們將以「到付」 方式送貨。閣下收貨時需以現金支付順豐運費及上門附加費 (如送往住宅地址)

  • 請注意,暫時我們只能提供順豐順手寄上門派件服務,送貨到指定地址。敬請原諒

       順豐順手寄上門派件服務收費參考: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/download/HK_Domestic_RateCard_TC.pdf



No return or exchange (other than defective merchandise).


建議閣下購買產品前先了解產品成份,以確保並無任何導致過敏反應的成份。  每次使用產品,先在耳邊及手背脈搏位置噴上/搽上少量產品作測試,如一小時內沒有出現問題,即可試用在皮膚上。如果使用產品後出現痕癢/刺激或不確定的不適反應,建議請盡早求醫。我們並不會賠償閣下相關醫療款項。

In case you have any allergy or sensitive skin, please make sure you look closely at the ingredients before you place your order.  We suggest you do a “patch-test” every time you try a new product. For example, apply a small amount of the product behind your ear or your wrist and leave it to dry for an hour without any unfavourable reaction before you use the entire skincare product.  If you have an allergic reaction to any product purchased, please discontinue and consult your physician. Soul Green disclaims any liability for any claims caused to the person, allegedly as a result of applying any merchants or third-party products.  

  1. 下單及付款 (請再三確認訂單內容,付款後將不能更改)

  2. 收到確認訂單電郵 (請再三確認地址無誤,貨品一經寄出將無法更改,閣下可能需要自行與順豐跟進或多付一次運費)

  3. 我們將於逢星期三及星期六寄出貨品 (如訂單眾多,星期三的訂單將會於星期六處理,如此類推)

  4. 收到貨品運單號電郵通知

  5. 如閣下於貸品寄出一個月後仍未收到貨品 (如貨件遭充公、毀滅、沒收或扣留),請盡快聯絡我們,共同協調處理

  1. Order and payment: Please check your order before proceeding to payment, no changes will be allowed once payment is made

  2. Email confirmation: Once an order has been placed, we are unable to edit the address you’ve entered or the items within the order. Thus, please double check your order and your shipping address.  If you wish to change your shipping order, please arrange with SF Express separately or pay for the additional shipping cost.     

  3. Shipment and delivery: Orders are shipped on every Wednesday and Saturday. If there are too many orders, Wednesday’s orders will be shipped on Saturday, so on and so forth.    

  4. Shipping notice: You will receive an email notification once your order is shipped.

  5. Should your delivery be missing after one month due to confiscation, destruction, condemnation or detention, please contact us directly.